Cinematic and Dramatic

As long as you still see the stars as something above you, you lack a viewpoint of knowledge.

I don’t usually accept apologies. If I feel like the person meant what they did or said then them trying to make up for it seems like a lie.


Because sometimes saying it just isn’t enough

If you would just kindly fuck off, sir, that would be great.


Quand je me suis salement disputé avec mes parents et qu’ils ont annulé mes vacances
When I’ve just argued with my parents and they canceled my holidays

Really don’t like being mean. But if you’re rude and feel like you have a sense of entitlement. I’ll be mean.

Feeling nostalgic

Stepped in garbage juice today. I feel so gross.

My sister took the cutest candids of myself and my love. Both unaware - (except got one where I looked over briefly) but it looks nice.